Shingles Treatment – The Best Treatments For Shingles Pain

While doctors do not know why the virus which causes chickenpox decides to come back to life years after a person has had this illness, they do recognize shingles when they see it. The prevention of shingles has yet to be discovered, but shingles treatment can ease the pain and discomfort of this disease.

Medical experts offer various suggestions, many of them simple, gentle techniques that can be successful without taking medication. Cases produce anything from mild discomfort to terrible pain, so not all of these ideas will work for everyone. It is always good to start by visiting a doctor. If you already know that you have shingles and are looking for some relief, the following pain medications will alleviate your symptoms.

Wonder-Salve is an excellent product that can be used to treat shingles, psoriasis or excema. The active ingredients are Propolis, Aloe Vera and Goldenseal. You can often get very fast relief when using it, but some people find it too greasy for their liking.


tri-dermaTriderma Pain Relief Cream is used to treat pain in many different areas of your body: shingles, arthritis, joints, feet, muscles, burns, etc. It is fast, effective and is a good all-round pain medication.

Many people I know swear by this product and get good results that provide long lasting relief.

PaloxinPaloxinLS Pain Relief Cream is one that I recommend quite often. This is also a general pain relief cream that is meant to treat many different conditions. You can use it to treat almost any bodily pain that you can think of. It also comes with an 100% money back guarantee. PaloxinLS is the one product that I get the most consistently positive feedback about.

Are There Other Shingles Treatment Options?

One of the most common skin conditions seen with shingles is a blistering rash across a particular part of the body. This will typically be accompanied by pain in the local and surrounding area of the blisters. You should be very cautious to not break or crack any of the blisters. Breaking them greatly increases the chances of infection. Instead, when they open, apply a cool cloth to the area to soothe the pain and itchiness. Keep the area clean with soap and water that is cool, not hot or cold.

Shingles Treatments From DoctorIf you do see a doctor, they  may prescribe topical steroids, but use with caution. Someone with shingles might prefer to start with lotions used to treat mosquito bites or even a mixture of baking soda and water before trying steroid creams. Take an over-the-counter analgesic to mitigate pain as well as an antihistamine if the itchiness is really a problem. Petroleum jelly can also help. If the area has dried out, do not get it moist once more. Let it stay dry.

Wear loose clothes so that you are not feeling the pressure of fabrics against the sensitive area. If the weather is warm enough, take your clothes off to gain an even greater level of relief. When pain is this great, doctors might prescribe stronger medicine to relieve the symptoms in the short term, or even antiviral medication to shorten the duration of shingles. In some cases this has to be given intravenously, but not necessarily.

There is the chance that an area will not be able to recover from this virus according to experts. In this case, there are extremely powerful narcotic painkillers available which can only be prescribed by a doctor.

If you have shingles, consider quarantining yourself for a little while, at least as long as the blisters are exposed. This is when they are their most contagious and you can easily infect someone else. Also, keep in mind that doctors believe there could be an association between the virus and certain environmental triggers. Stress can lead to outbreaks of the virus. Stress will typically lower your immune defenses and once your immunity is undermined, you are instantly more susceptible to this and other illnesses, so look after yourself. The people who at most risk are commonly senior citizens, however anyone who has had chickenpox could develop shingles at any time after the illness has worn off, including individuals who are in good health.

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